Passionate Software DevOps Engineer

(Hightech) Industrie

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Vakgebied: (Hightech) Industrie
Opleiding: Medior
Werklocatie: Veldhoven
Vacature ID: 13480


Are you a skilled DevOps engineer with a passion for Mathematics and Physics? Do you possess fluency in Python, Matlab, and/or Julia? If so, we may have the ideal job opportunity for you! Our search is focused on identifying individuals who are available to work immediately within the Eindhoven region of the Netherlands.


As a part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on the forefront of technology, facing new challenges and obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. Collaboration is key in our dynamic and innovative work environment, where you will work alongside supportive colleagues and have the freedom to express your creative and unique perspectives. You will have the flexibility and autonomy to choose the best approach to tackle tasks and solve problems.

In this role, your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating and maintaining automated build and deployment pipelines for our framework and application;
  • Aaddressing the security challenges of our cloud-based solution;
  • Providing software support to metrology functional design engineers on issues such as data structure efficiency and performance;
  • Contributing to user documentation for our application framework;
  • Working with various programming languages including Java and Python;
  • Additionally, you will stay up-to-date on the latest advancements and modern technologies in the Cloud Native space.

Wat verwachten we van jou?

  • With over three years of experience as a software design engineer in a multidisciplinary environment, you bring a wealth of expertise to the table;
  • You are proficient in languages such as Python, Matlab, and/or Julia;
  • Also, you possess experience in cloud-native software development;

  • Your optimistic and solution-oriented mindset allows you to approach challenges with a positive outlook;

  • While your exceptional written and verbal communication skills in English enable you to articulate your ideas effectively;

  • As a team player, you thrive in collaborative environments and work closely with other departments to achieve common goals;
  • With an entrepreneurial mentality, you are always looking for ways to innovate and improve processes, and are committed to driving positive change within the organization.

Wat kun jij van ons verwachten?

  • A great job with one of our prominent clients
  • Good salary conditions, career opportunities and excellent benefits
  • Conversion to the client after a period of secondment when performing to client satisfaction
  • Our nice extras: discount on your health insurance, Referral bonuses, other activities (e.g. soccer tournament, Christmas reception etc.)
  • Visa sponsorship and application for 30% ruling

Voordelen van solliciteren via Topmonteurs

  • Altijd het beste salaris voor jou.
  • Je profiteert van ons grote netwerk aan bedrijven.
  • Eenmaal aan het werk, blijven we met je in contact. 
  • Persoonlijke begeleiding en hulp bij het sollicitatieproces.
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Martin Klomp

Recruitment Consultant

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Hier vind je interessante blogs over waar wij ons mee bezighouden.

 trinamics socialmediaposts[28]

Een nieuwe uitdaging en een baan voor de toekomst, dat is waar ik naar zocht!




Ik ben enorm ondersteund in het proces. Er ging altijd iemand mee op gesprek en ik kreeg aanvullende tips en tricks.


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Het salaris was veel beter dan dat ik voorheen had. Dat was voor mij een belangrijke factor.


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Stel ons je vraag of neem contact met ons op, we zitten voor je klaar!

Bel of mail ons met al jouw vragen. Axel staat voor je klaar en helpt je graag verder.