Proto Engineer Hightech

High tech industrie

Vacature details

Vakgebied: High tech industrie
Opleiding: Junior
Werklocatie: Veldhoven
Vacature ID: 4401


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Proto Engineer Hightech

(Bachelor, Master, Technical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Physics, Aerospace, Electrical Engineering)


Job Mission

Within ASML, the sector Development & Engineering is responsible for the specification, design and engineering of all the ASML products.

In this sector, the department System Integration and their employees have the mission to define, control and execute the integration of the various subsystems into a complete product. The department aims for reducing both cost and lead time for system testing and integration while product quality remains guaranteed.

Job Description

Within the department System Integration there are many possibilities to boost your career. the most important characterization in your personality is being interested in a broad way.

  • You are going to be happy in this team and with your job if you like to:
  • Work with all different kinds of technique and to put theory into practice;
  • Work with different stakeholders from different departments, with different needs. That means that you have the possibility to build up your own network within ASML;
  • (last but not least) Collaborate with our customers. It is not a must but if you like to travel around and to see the world there is a possibility to work (for a temporary time) in other countries.

 You are responsible for

  • Keeping the assigned machines in perfect state, i.e., hard and software, configuration up to date and well-functioning;
  • Ensuring efficient and effective integration activities on the machines, by

- Escalate in case problems cannot be solved by yourself;
- Provide technical support to D&E engineers;
- Review and prepare test plans.

  • Determining whether issues are related to new design or proto system and solve and report the issues;
  • Ensuring safe working environment and work according 5S principles.

With these experiences and knowledge you are a very interesting employee for all different kinds of departments. This means that you have the possibility to grow further into the direction that you want and whenever you want.

Wat verwachten we van jou?


Bachelor / Master level – Technical

Preferably into the direction of Mechanical, Mechatronics, Physics, Aerospace or Electrical Engineering.


  • There are no constraints on working experience. The following items are a pre:
  • Experience in a multi-disciplined work environment;
  • Knowledge of measurement systems and/or testing system functionality;
  • Working with complex systems.

Personal skills

  • Besides that we are looking for people with a strong personality and who can put some humor in his or her job we expect:
  • Enthusiasm, flexibility and capable to communicate on all levels;
  • Proactive attitude;
  • Able to prioritize and a high degree of autonomy;
  • The power to defend your own opinion;
  • Desire to invest in personal development.

Wat kun jij van ons verwachten?

The right candidate will be provided a challenging and varied position in a professional, high-tech environment. An appropriate salary, future prospects and excellent benefits are evident. 

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Ik ben enorm ondersteund in het proces. Er ging altijd iemand mee op gesprek en ik kreeg aanvullende tips en tricks.


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Het salaris was veel beter dan dat ik voorheen had. Dat was voor mij een belangrijke factor.


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